We know that serving others is the best way to give us new perspective, live lives with purpose and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. So we unapologetically encourage serving around here! It is one of our five core values, WE ARE HERE TO SERVE.

Join the team!

At Heartland, we refer to our volunteers as our TEAM- because we couldn’t do what we do without our TEAM showing up every week and there are a number of ways to serve at Heartland!  Ready to be a part of the TEAM?


Kids Team – Kids at Heartland provides a high energy and engaging weekend experience for kids. Through small groups, worship and programming, kids get to know Jesus and learn how to follow Him in their everyday lives.

Wonderfully Made Team — This team provides support and friendship to individuals with a disability and/or diverse needs. From 1-1 support to room leaders, this team ensures everyone feels safe and loved during their time at Heartland.

608 Students – 608 is our Middle School and High School ministry that meets every Sunday night (during the school year) for a powerful night of worship, teaching, media, community and fun- centered on God and living entirely for Him.

Welcome Team – The Welcome Team creates a welcoming and friendly environment that lets guests know that they matter to us. From opening doors, to welcoming guests, and helping someone find a seat—hospitality goes a long way.

Connection Point Team — The Connection Point team answers questions, welcomes new attendees, and assists with new family check-in. If you love meeting new people, this is the spot for you!

Production Team – The Production Team is for those who want to serve behind the scenes making our services run smoothly and look amazing. Join this team to make a difference in the weekend experience (lighting, camera, ProPresenter, photography) at Heartland.

Band – If you’re a singer or musician or both and would like to help lead Heartland during the weekend experiences, this might be the place for you.

Safety Team- The Safety Team ensures that our spaces and services are a safe and secure place for people to meet, congregate and worship. If you have experience in any kind of emergency services, this team is for you!

Group Leader- A Group Leader is simply a facilitator for connection. Groups typically meet once a week for a 9-12 week stretch to talk about the weekend message, connect with other Heartlanders and just "do life together". It is a great way to meet new people.

Women's Ministry Team - The Women’s Ministry team is for you if you enjoy connecting with and are looking to build community with other women. There is a variety of ways to serve before, during or after events either out front on our welcome team or behind the scenes.

Meals Team - Heartland Meals Ministry seeks to serve Heartland families that find themselves in need of extra support due to a new baby, loss of a loved one, or hospital stay. Meals are provided by other Heartland members in order to show love and support in a tangible way.