Why Groups at Heartland?

God designed us for community. It’s been this way from day one when God declared that “it is not good for the Man to be alone” (Gen. 2:18 MSG). We deeply value community at Heartland. We need other people in our life to encourage us, challenge us, laugh with us, hold us up when life is difficult, celebrate with us when life is good and tell us when we have spinach in our teeth.

Obviously there is a great deal of community that happens every weekend at Heartland before, during, and after each service, but as we say a lot around here:

“Community happens better in circles than in rows.”

Meaning…deep, meaningful relationships happen with others who are part of our every-day lives, not just on a weekend at church. That’s why groups are a pretty big deal for us at Heartland.

connect groups

Connect Groups at exist to help you connect with others and grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ. You don’t have to be a “super Christian” to be part of a group. Even if you’re new in your faith or exploring what Jesus is all about, there is definitely a place for you!

Connect Groups are a gathering of 10-15 people from all walks of life. They typically meet once a week to discuss the previous weekend’s teaching, dig a little deeper, and discuss together how best to apply God’s word to our lives.

Connect Groups meet in 2 sessions:
Fall Session: October – December
Winter/September Session:  February – April

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Jake Fry
Next Step Pastor